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Mar 11, 2024

Many organisations discuss gender equality and promoting women, particularly older and more experienced women. But what does this look like in practice? What are the practical steps to supporting older women in the workplace, and how can barriers to success be overcome?

One highly effective strategy is making your organisation menopause friendly. Older women are one of the fastest growing in today’s workplace, and research has shown that nearly two-thirds of women have taken time off work due to their symptoms, with some even leaving their jobs due to not being supported in their workplace.

In this episode, VinciWorks compliance experts will take you through the steps your organisation can take to become menopause friendly. From implementing a menopause leave policy to environmental factors affecting a workplace, this session will inform you on why making your organisation menopause friendly is a cost-effective, impactful and necessary initiative.

The episode will feature an interview with Dr Rebecca Lewis from the highly respected Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre.

This episode will cover:
- The basics of menopause as a diversity and inclusion issue
- Building a coalition for progressive menopause change in an organisation
- Countering common myths, stigmas and stereotypes
- Top tips for implementing a menopause leave policy
- Tackling environmental, organisational and cultural factors on menopause