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Dec 13, 2022

As the year comes to a close, leading SRA consultancy service, Compliance Office, look at the latest SRA compliance developments and hot topics for law firms. Founder Andy Donovan speaks to leading regulatory solicitors Julie Norris and Iain Miller at Kingsley Napley and Ruth Mittlemann Cohen, an AML product specialist at VinciWorks.

They look at:

  • What the SRA's increases in fining powers mean in practice
  • Christmas parties and appropriate behaviour
  • Social media and other professional comms blunders
  • SRA's new expectations around office culture
  • Hot off the press analysis of the SRA's new guidance on supervising fee earners which will prove to be a hot topic!
  • SLAPPs and new guidance on using 'confidential' & 'without prejudice' labels
  • Corporate undertakings - where are we now?
  • A look ahead to the hot topics in 2023 - AML (brief update only as that is its own session!), Legal Ombudsman time limit changes, forthcoming thematic review & more

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